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Area Supervisor

August 11, 2012 - July 18, 2013
Location:Portland, OR
Employment Type:Part Time
Description:Job Summary:

The Area Supervisor is responsible for assisting with the overall effective operation of assigned concession locations including food preparation and production, inventory, cash control, total compliance with alcohol service policies, cleaning, safety, guest service, employee/volunteer supervision, and closing duties. The Are Supervisor will provide limited oversight of employee performance issues. The focus will be on lending support to the Steand Leaders to ensure that all aspects of concessions operations within the assigned sector are fully operational. The majority of the Area Supervisor’s time will be spent actively mentoring, training and helping employees and volunteers meet company quality standards, and in promoting a positive, enthusiastic and cooperative work environment.

This is a key position for the effective operation of our business; the employee must maintain excellent attendance and be available to work events as scheduled per business need. Floor Supervisors are assigned a specific geographical sector of the venue. In order to monitor all assigned locations, extensive and continuous walking and standing are required. A critical aspect of this position is the Supervisor’s ability to instill a positive and enthusiastic quality to the work environment, consistent with the prevailing atmosphere of the sports and entertainment industry.
Duties:Essential Job Functions:

• Responsible for ensuring set-up of all concession locations within assigned sector has been completed prior to doors. Set-up duties include: verifying opening inventory; assigning duties to concession workers (employee/volunteer); ensuring cleanliness and sanitation standards are met; verifying that location is clean and all equipment is operational, and that dispensing equipment has been tested; ascertain levels of food production based upon projected guest attendance has been met; and ensuring that LM or NFP Stand Leader has followed proper procedure for distribution and handling of cash.

• Monitor alcohol service throughout event to ensure 100% compliance with venue Alcohol Service policy. Report any alcohol service or compliance issues to MOD immediately. Responsible for relaying designated alcohol service cut-off times to assigned locations and enforcing deadline.

• Responsible for ensuring effective operation of location during event: monitors inventory/product levels, anticipates extra stock/product, oversight of employee breaks, sign-in/out sheet, employee meals; ensures designated number of POS are open.

• Responsible for ensuring LM or NFP Stand Leader has verified and tracks all product, including transfers, discards/spoilage, and that these are accurately reflected in the closing procedures, ensures that the LM or NFP Stand Leader maintained proper product levels while minimizing overproduction.

• Ensure event staff and volunteers are aware of work place expectations; provide on-going assistance and mentoring to event staff and volunteers; promote a positive, enthusiastic and cooperative workplace environment by working side-by-side with staff and volunteers; reinforce procedures and practices through repetition; lead by example and provide on-going constructive feedback.

• Report disciplinary issues, accidents, incidents, illnesses or serious performance issues to Concession Manager immediately. The Floor Supervisor is responsible for supporting staff and volunteers through mentoring and training; disciplinary or on-going performance issues should be deferred to MOD.

• Oversee closing of locations in assigned sector; ensure location, equipment and utensils are clean; product is properly stored or returned to Commissary; perishables are refrigerated; ensure LM or NFP Stand Leader has properly counted and reconciled cash with inventory; ensure cash has been delivered to Vault. Floor Supervisor will authorize final closing of assigned locations.

• Responsible for providing limited direct supervision to LMs/CSRs/Concession Cooks/ NFP Volunteers. Able and willing to cover the function of any open position to assure location is fully operational and company standards of speed of service and guest satisfaction are met; hands-on supervision includes the ability and willingness to assist with cleaning, if required.

• Responsible for documenting in writing any problems with concession equipment or needed repairs for assigned locations at the end of the event.

• Participate in NFP Orientations, New Hire Orientations and LM in Training sessions as needed.

• Must show demonstrated ability to meet the company standard for excellent attendance.
Qualifications:Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Ability to communicate with employees, co-workers, volunteers, management staff and guests in a clear, business-like and respectful manner which focuses on generating a positive, enthusiastic and cooperative work environment.

• Ability to speak, read and write in English.

• Ability to work well in a team-oriented, fast-paced, event-driven environment.

• Familiar with and thorough working knowledge of all existing concessions locations (geographical location, equipment, evacuation procedures, adjacent employee and guest areas, and facility access.

• Possess valid food handling certificate and alcohol service permit if required by state and federal regulations.

• Thorough working knowledge of all applicable sanitation requirements, food preparation guidelines, alcohol service policies, safety standards, etc. pertaining to Ovations concession operations.

• Ability to calculate basic math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages) as they relate to POS cash/credit transactions, cash reconciliation and product inventory.

• Ability to handle cash accurately and responsibly.

Education, Qualifications and Experience:

High school graduate or equivalent. Supervision and food service experience.

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